This is my internet scrapbook. Here you'll find web site examples and tips, pictures of my children, examples of my sense of humor, and other entertaining tidbits from a Colorado-based programmer, professional web developer, and part-time house husband.


My Family

More Than Words:

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  • Matthew


    My oldest boy Matthew is old.

    Although he suffers from Apraxia of Speech, (www.apraxia-kids.org), he is going to graduate in 2016 and is keeping up with his peers.

    John Christopher

    John Christopher

    My second son, John Christopher is old.

    I like to think he is among the most handsome children ever.

    My Toys

    1973 FMC

    The older you get, the more expensive your toys become. Learn about this 1973 FMC Motor Coach and my other toys

    My Work

    Here is a list of websites that I've created in the last few years:

    Dreampower Animal Rescue Foundation, the largest no-kill foster network in Colorado. I've been supporting this web site since 2001.
    A web site devoted to the FMC Owner's Club, a charter of the Family Motor Coach Association.
    Gleneagle Civic Association, my neighborhood's homeowners association. This application was developed mostly so I could try building a data Web Service. The accompanying brochure web site is just gravy on the side.
    Ugly Dawgs, a shopping cart system of greeting cards and other novelites to support Blue Lion Animal Rescue, Yoder, Colorado. I built this web site in 2004 as a gesture of good will towards another animal rescue organization.
    My wife and I got tired of surfing to three different sites for my two boys in scouts, so I created one DotNetNuke site for all the pack and den activities.
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