Things to Do

I'm a programmer.  In other words, an application developer, a software engineer, an internet specialist.  What the heck does any of that mean.  To give you an idea of what I do:

Web Design & Services
Create high quality internet and intranet applications and provide ongoing support. I've helped people with home office setup and get them surfing the 'net, and I've developed robust enterprise-wide database applications.

Software Development Consulting
Develop applications in Visual Basic, C/C++, SmallTalk, Microfocus COBOL, SAS, and other Microsoft products, and been a manager of people who develop in more products and languages than I can think of...

Computer Training
Provide training on computer topics such as operating systems, development languages, network and computer operations, development lifecycle and process improvement techniques.

Computer Installation
Assist in the installation of personal computers, local area networks, and software for my clients and friends.

Software Development Process Improvement
As project management, I've conducted assessments, made recommendations, and implemented key process areas in large and small software shops to improve software development productivity. Let me know if you'd like to learn more about Process Improvement...

Let me know if you'd like talk about your experiences or mine.

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